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Sony’s PS5 is capable of running existing PS4 games at 120fps

Some existing games are only being updated with 120fps for the Xbox series X, and not the ps5. We’ve already seen a number of new games running at 120fps.

Call of Duty: warzone and rocket league only have support for 120fps. Activision has not commented on why only warzone on the Xbox series X has this support.

120Hz on Xbox series x-s is a minor patch. But enabling it on ps5 requires a full native port.

The ps5 is capable of running existing PS4 games at 120fps. But there’s clearly more work involved for developers to enable it. This could mean we’ll see more instances of games running on the ps5 without 120fps, but appearing on Xbox series X with the higher frame rate.

The Xbox One X and Xbox One S were also updated to support variable refresh rates back in 2018. Sony has only just started supporting 120Hz with the ps5, but the console still does n’t support a 1440p mode.

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