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An Amazon support member mistakenly suggested that Northern Ireland wasn’t part of the United Kingdom

An Amazon support member was trying to help a subscriber on Twitter. They suggested Northern Ireland was n’t part of the United Kingdom.

The autumn nations cup is being live-streamed on Amazon Prime. The match was only available to Prime members in the UK.

The good Friday agreement of 1998 ended decades of political violence in the region, recognizing Northern Ireland as a region of the UK. The republic of Ireland is a separate country.

Someone at Amazon support offered an apology for the gaffe. Eventually someone at the center of the gaffe apologized and offered an apologized.

Prime video subscribers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK can access and watch the rugby autumn nations cup on Prime video as part of their subscription subscription.

Follow-Up Tweet spells’_ apologise’ with the S. Tweet was possibly American or based in the US.

Most of Twitter did what Twitter does and helpfully informed amazonhelp of the nature of its mistake. The error was a response to the error.

Some put the situation into terms Amazon may be able to better understand. The Black Friday agreement is the latest in a long line of terms.

Amazon Prime have delivered a United Ireland before 6pm on the same day. Before 6pm, they have delivered the republic before 6pm.

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