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Oculus Quest 2 has been updated with a 90Hz refresh rate

Oculus has rolled out its first big update for the quest 2 virtual reality headset. The 90hz refresh rate mode expands to all system-level apps by default – including through Oculus link, which has officially exited beta.

The company says it’s now allowing developers to ship quest titles with native 90hz support. The likes of superhot, echo VR, beat saber, vacation simulator, job simulator, racket: NX, and space pirate trainer will support the higher refresh rate.

If you connect the quest 2 to your PC via an Oculus link cable, you’ll be able toggle between 72hz, 80Hz, or 90hz through the Oculus app on PC. The automatic graphics profile settings have been retuned to tax your GPU harder for better performance.

Oculus move app lets you track fitness metrics from playing VR games. It will track how many calories you’ve burned and minutes spent being physically active in games that you play.

Oculus will let you capture the headset’s screen through the iOS or Android app, so you can make clips of your own. Before this, you had to either share recorded clips directly to Facebook or drag-and-drop the files.

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