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Catherine Flowers is a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” awardee

Catherine flowers was visiting a family whose yard featured’a hole in the ground full of raw sewage’. Doctors could n’t diagnose the rash spreading across her legs and body. The activist thought it had to do with the day she wore a dress.

The rash led to research that found that hookworm was alive and well in the rural Alabama county where she grew up. Without working septic systems, residents were getting sick from raw sewage.

A 2019 report found that two million Americans lack access to indoor plumbing. The report also found that climate change and covid-19 are piling on top of what’s already a bad situation.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. This interview was edited for lengthy and clarity and length. This interviewing interviewing interviewing is edited for clarity.

Lowndes County, Alabama and other rural communities have brought light in Lowndes county. Lowndes county is a rural community in Lowndes, Alabama. Can you paint a picture of what the problem is?.

Lowndes county is home to a $ 20,000 wastewater treatment system. When they went down 25 inches, they struck water. Lowndes county residents ca n’t afford the infrastructure.

When there is a lot of rain or extreme weather conditions, the systems break down. When it breaks down, it pushes the sewage back into the home.

Sally Kohn: we’ve seen that people are paying wastewater treatment fees and the systems are not working. Kohn: when they fail, we have seen raw sewage either coming into the building or it’s out on top of the ground.

Untreated wastewater can carry the virus that causes covid-19. Researchers still do n’t know if a person can get sick from being exposed to it.

Lowndes county has the highest per capita covid-19 infection rate (1 in 13) in the state of Alabama.

Climate change impacts the wastewater issues faced by rural areas like Lowndes county. Lowndes County, Lowndes county and Lowndes county are facing a global disaster.

Climate change has an impact on everything. Most wastewater technologies are not designed to deal with climate change. The water table is actually getting higher.

Lowndes county is not the only place in this country that has raw sewage on the ground. So, obviously, it’s a bigger problem..

Lowndes’ county is not America’s dirty secret. The waste water problem in the US is America’s secret.

Lowndes county citizens have always fought for justice, the right to participate in the democratic process, and for economic opportunity. A lot of people that live in Lowndes county are descendants of people who may have come to this country as slaves.

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