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YouTube has recovered from an hour-long outage

Youtube has recovered from a seemingly worldwide outage that prevented videos from loading for roughly an hour. Many verge staffers were unable to watch videos during the outage.

The issue appeared to affect other services that use the YouTube infrastructure too. Youtube TV and the movies and TV shows you’d purchase through Google TV (formerly known as Google Play movies & TV).

As of about 8:00pm et, we saw error screens like this when we tried to watch a video. One verge staffer got a video to load after about a minute.

At 9:13 PM ET, videos played on YouTube’s website seemed to be working as they normally do. On the mobile app, one verge staffer saw a few error messages, but those would clear with a refresh.

The DownDetector graph peaked with more than 280,000 user reports in less than an hour. Numerous users on Twitter reported that YouTube was n’t working for them, either, and searches spiked for’YouTube down’.

Youtube pointed us to the Tweet we included in this story. When reached for comment, the tweet was posted.

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