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The 2020 presidential election is nearly upon us

The 2020 presidential election is nearly upon us. The hours leading up to it are full of eldritch horrors. The old gods are awakening, and pollsters are sharpening their needles.

So many bad things have happened in America this year. Every day can feel like navigating a field chock-full of unexploded ordnance. All there is to do is to put on a mask and vote.

I feel like I’m t-posing at the end of the world. I’ve compiled a playlist of anime fight scenes on YouTube.

Many of my colleagues have come up with their own, unique ways to deal with the fact that reality has become surreal. Here are a few election coping strategies, from us, your friends at the verge.

Barbara krasnoff’s partner and I have been watching Safari live. The queen’s gambit (wonderful series!) Is anything that has nothing to do with politics.

I’m coping with the election by making granola, cleaning the kitchen, building LEGO sets with my son, and staying the hell away from’the needle’.

Kim Lyons has started using the Duolingo language app to brush up on his Spanish and French. The little green owl nudges him with text alerts when he need to boost his XP to compete with other players.

Kait Sanchez’s partner and I just had a stressful and prolonged move into a new apartment. When I reach my critical mass, I turn to a new routine that’s been keeping me from doomscrolling into the wee hours.

Megan farokhmanesh: I’m coping with the election by listening to Swedish death metal. She says she’s eating cake for dinner and listened to Swedish heavy metal.

Taylor Lyles’ election anxiety consists of doing a lot of gaming. He has been obsessed with PC gaming since his election anxiety.

I built my own gaming PC years ago and is ready to future-proof it for the next generation of gaming. I do n’t know exactly who it will be for, but I think it would be a fun project to do.

Adi Robertson channeled his pandemic anxiety into prototyping a video game. Now he’s got election anxiety too.

Sean Hollister:”it’s also a feel-good power fantasy about a non-partisan politician”.”I may or may not have squirreled away a lot of Halloween candy candy,”he says.

Cameron Faulkner has learned that distractions are nice, but the best way for me to deal with my anxiety is to try to face it head-on. As much as I try to distract myself, I’m just inescapably stuck in the moment.

The game’s brilliantly-done characters draw him into their individual stories. Each run only takes 30 to 40 minutes, which is just short enough that he regularly sneak in an extra run.

The game keeps me from constantly redditing Twitter or Reddit. It also keeps him from posting Reddit or Reddit.

Julia Alexander is relying heavily on what we do in the shadows marathons, arrested development rewatches and absurd British comedy. Alexander says she feels better about what’s going on outside her tiny studio apartment apartment apartment.

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