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The League of Legends World Championship final was held in Shanghai

The league of Legends world championship final opened in Shanghai this year. Virtual K-Pop group k/da performed via augmented reality at Pudong football stadium. At the end, a virtual, towering version of league character galio appeared on stage.

The main cast of performers were virtual, but were accompanied by a few dozen real-world dancers and musicians, including Chinese pop star Lexie Liu. There was also a very cyberpunk-looking AR Ducati motorcycle that helped kick things off.

Riot also announced a release window for the first league spinoff next year. 6,000 people were in attendance to watch Korea’s damwon gaming defeat Suning gaming of China in the championship match.

The month-long tournament was played out of a high-tech studio in Shanghai. The technology was similar to what Disney used to create the Mandalorian.

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