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Microsoft Edge will automatically launch some 1,156 sites if you try to launch an “incompatible” site in Internet Explorer

Microsoft plans to force your computer to automatically launch some 1,156 websites in edge, too – if you try to launch an’incompatible’ site in IE.

The report from ZDNet also recorded a video showing how it works. Zdnet also filmed a video of how the system works.

There’s a lot of big-name sites on the automatically-launch-in-edge list. The list includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and a number of Google products.

The change will roll out in Microsoft edge version 87, which is set to arrive the week of November 19th. That will automatically try to migrate your browsing data from IE unless you uncheck a box.

Internet Explorer counts for no more than 5 percent of today’s web traffic. I personally have n’t touched IE in years, and I’m happy to hear it might become less of a security risk.

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