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Apple TV 4K can now play 4K YouTube videos at their native resolution

Apple’s newest set-top box would be able to play 4K YouTube videos at their native resolution instead of being stuck at 1080p. Even a $ 40 dongle can do better than that.

Apple’s latest software updates brought YouTube 4K to the Apple TV 4K. But the frustrations are n’t necessarily over.

On the plus side, the latest iPhones and iPads do support 4K 60fps HDR content if you’ve got iOS 14 installed. Just find a supported video, hit the three-dot settings icon at the upper-right hand corner, and change’mortality quality’ to 2160p.

The best-of-the-best still is n’t available on a big 4K TV screen. On my iPhone 11 Pro, I ca n’t always tell the difference.

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