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Apple’s first big fall event is happening on Tuesday, September 15th, but it may be much different than previous September events

Apple’s first big fall event is happening on Tuesday, September 15th. The event may be much different than previous September events.

Apple has already said that the new iPhones wo n’t go on sale during their usual late-September timeframe.

Tuesday’s event will be another slickly produced video presentation. The event’s’time flies’ moniker suggests we’ll see Apple watches at the very least.

Read on to learn more about what we’re expecting during the show. Read on for the first time since the show’s performance.

A new Apple Watch could be making its debut in September. The video of the event was posted on YouTube. It would suggest that we can expect to see a successor to the Apple Watch Series 5.

Interesting metadata in that pre-event YouTube video page # appleevent. The video page is a pre-event.

We already know that watchOS 7 will have native sleep tracking, more customizations to watchfaces. But Apple has n’t committed to a release date beyond’this fall’.

Bloomberg has corroborated that a follow-up to the series 5 is on the way. It also reported that Apple may release a new lower-end Apple Watch to replace the $ 199 Series 3.

Blass says that so-called Apple Watch se will come in two sizes and have’BT and LTE versions’. Likely refers to whether they need to rely on your phone to connect to the Internet or whether they’ve got their own cellular connection.

An S4 chip, used in the series 4, may sound like a downgrade from the series 5’s S5 chip. The S5 reportedly only adds a gyroscope and 32GB of NAND flash memory to the CPU and GPU in the S4.

The iPad Air might get a redesign with an edge-to-edge screen like the iPad pros. That would be a significant design change from the current air, which currently sports thick top and bottom bezels, and a button for Touch ID.

A rumored manual of the new iPad Air may have leaked on social media. The new design and features might be coming to the new device.

If that’s true, the new tablet would be the first iPad with biometrics built into the power button on top of the iPad Air.

Ipad air could adopt the iPad Pro’s gesture-based navigation system. Manual shows a smart connector on the back of the iPad Air.

The current-generation iPad Air starts at $ 499. It’s unclear if Apple plans to keep the iPad air at that same price.

The iPad Air will have a USB-C port instead of a lightning port. An A14 chip would be new Silicon from Apple.

Apple is expected to release its newest version of iOS in September. The update is set to bring a new home screen with widgets. ipados 14 will get some of those updates as well as improved handwriting recognition.

Apple is n’t just rumored to be working on new iPhones, Apple watches, and iPads. There is apparently a smaller and more affordable homepod along with new over-ear headphones in the pipeline for this fall.

Apple registered domain names related to that’Apple one’ moniker. Strings mentioning Apple’s”Apple one”were spotted in iOS code.

Rumors are n’t pointing to Apple sharing anything about an ARM-based Mac. Rumors do n’t point toward Apple sharing any about the Mac on Tuesday.

We just wo n’t know what Apple plans to release until the event itself, which kicks off at 1pm et on Tuesday, September 15th. We’ll be covering the whole thing right here at the verge.

Apple Watch and iPad rumors from leaker Evan Blass and additional discoveries about the Apple one subscription bundles. Updated September 14, 7:50 PM et.

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