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Hilary Swank and Armie Hammer star in the new Dune remake

I got out of my rerun rut and binged away on Netflix over Labor day. I really wanted to like it!’.

Hilary Swank’s first-time commander Emma green is up to the long haul mission of guiding them to Mars. There are great performances from a top-notch cast.

I held on to the end but honestly the episodes got less interesting as the show progressed. Maybe season two, if there is one, can put the focus more on the sci-fi story.

I am a total dune neophyte, but apparently the sandworm is a big fricking deal and fear is the mind killer. Dune is scheduled to arrive in theaters December 18th.

One hundred percent tailor-made for the former English lit major. One of the trailers to check out is one hundred % tailor-made.

Rebecca was a 1938 Gothic novel by Daphne du Maurier that Alfred Hitchcock made into a film starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine. This remake features Lily James as the second Mrs. de winter, Armie hammer as maxim, and Kristin Scott Thomas (yesssssss) as Mrs. Danvers.

This documentary is about the men who search for rare Alba truffles in Piedmont, Italy. The truffle hunters is scheduled to arrive in theaters December 25th.

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