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Amazon is banning foreign sales of plants and seeds into the US

Amazon is banning foreign sales of plants and seeds into the US. Authorities try to weed out who may be sending packets of mystery seeds to people who did not order them.

The packets of seeds bearing postmarks have been arriving at homes around the world for several months. Many of the seed packets were labeled as toys or jewelry. As of July, more than 27 us States had reported incidents of unsolicited seed deliveries.

The USDA says seeds and plants smuggled into the US could harm gardens, farms, and the environment. Those who received seeds they did not order is warned not to plant them and to contact local authorities.

The company updated its sellers’ rules to include the new policy. The decision was’part of our ongoing efforts to protect our customers and enhance the customer experience’.

An Amazon spokesperson said in an email to the verge on Sunday that’we are only allowing the sale of seeds by sellers based in the US’. Violating the new guidelines could get a seller’s account removed, the company added.

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