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Activision is giving away 10,000 beta keys this weekend

Activision has officially announced call of Duty: Black Ops cold war. There will be a beta, which will be open to the public, but you can receive early access if you pre-order specific versions of the game Activision is giving away 10,000 beta keys this weekend.

The call of duty league will be holding its first championship this weekend. On Sunday, August 30th at 4pm ET, the publisher will give away early access beta keys to viewers watching the stream.

If you want to play the beta on PC, PS4, or Xbox one. You’ll need to sign up or log into your Activision account and link it with the official call of duty league website or companion app.

Players can get a code for a virtual knife with the call of duty league logo printed on the blade. The two-day event includes virtual graffiti sprays and custom weapon designs.

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