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The G733 is a lightweight, wireless gaming headset that doesn’t take itself too seriously

In September, Logitech will ship a colorful collection of gaming accessories. The $ 129 g733 Lightspeed gaming headset will come in four colors. Other accessories include the $ 39 g203 lightsync wired mouse, the $ 59 g305 Lightspeed wireless mouse, and the g733 headset.

The g733 headset is a lightweight, wireless gaming headset. It has most of the same features as the $ 199.999 Logitech Pro X Lightspeed headset.

The g733 charges via USB-C; Logitech claims up to 29 hours of battery life per charge. The g733 also supports DTS X 2.0 virtual surround sound and has customizable blue-branded microphone settings within Logitech’s g hub software.

The Pro X Lightspeed headset makes some compromises to meet a lower price point. The colorful headband can be reversed for a different look or swapped out for a new color.

The bass also is n’t as punchy, but they feature a balanced, powerful sound that does n’t wear me out.

The lilac purple-colored g733 headset features a vertical stripe of LEDs on the front of each ear cup. You can adjust the color and lighting effect in the G hub software or just turn it off if it’s a little too extra for you.

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