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Half of the nine next-gen exclusives Microsoft showcased today won’t arrive until two years after launch

Half of the next-gen games that Microsoft showcased at its Xbox series X showcase today, probably are n’t coming to Xbox one. Did Microsoft convince you that you would n’t need next-gen hardware to play games?.

Some of those games are n’t coming out for a long time. Microsoft has already broken a big promise it made just last week.

Microsoft has been working toward a future where you do n’t need to buy the latest console to play the newest games. Many next-gen Xbox series X games will run on a spectrum of hardware including Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows PCs.

Xbox boss promises in-house, first-party games wo n’t require you to buy the new series X console for two years.

We want every Xbox player to play all the new games from Xbox game studios. We wo n’t force you to upgrade to Xbox series X at launch to play Xbox exclusives.

Xbox game studios head Matt booty told MCV in January:’bolding ours’. Booty:”bolding ours”is n’t true, but what’s happening now?.

‘all of our games, sort of like PC, will play up and down that family of devices,’ booty explains.’we want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox between now and [ series X ] that we’re committed to them with content,’ he adds.

A third version of the promise from March will be released next month. The promise is the third of the promises released in March.

Halo infinite is the best available version for either Xbox console they choose to play on the best version of which Xbox game studios choose. We’re making the commitment to using smart delivery on all our exclusive games games games, including Halo infinite.

Forza Motorsport, Fable, avowed, as dusk falls, everwild and state of decay 3 were all listed as coming to Xbox series X and Windows PC specifically.

Six out of the nine next-gen exclusives Microsoft showcased wo n’t arrive until two years after launch. Someone screwed up when making the presentation title cards for each game.

Everything we’ve heard from Microsoft today suggests it’s door number one or number two. But what we’ve seen from Microsoft suggests it is door number 1 or two.

Microsoft’s future Xbox game studios titles are being developed natively for Xbox series X.’we will continue to invest in tools for devs to scale across consoles,’ says Microsoft.

Aaron Greenberg tweeted to point-blank, yes or no, whether the title cards were inaccurate, but the company would n’t say. The Tweet pointed us to this tweet from Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, which does n’t make things any clearer.

Future 1p titles are developed for Xbox series X first. Each studio will decide what’s best for their game/community when they launch.

Avowed’s new website includes a mention of the Xbox one and a project page that mentions as dusk falls, and a site for everwild.

A question by Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo suggested that it was the websites, not the presentation, that was wrong.

Microsoft no longer wants to promise that its first-party games will actually make their way to earlier Xbox One consoles. As of 7pm ET, the sites no longer list Xbox One.

The full list of games that Microsoft showcased today was announced today. Here’s a list of the top picks of the games that were showcased today.

‘the Xbox One’ was removed from avowed’s website on July 23, 6:17 PM ET. Additional Microsoft comments and the removal of’console’ were posted on avowed’s site.

everwild has removed mention of Xbox one from its product page as well as mention of the company’s product page. everwild added that the company has removed the mention of spines.

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