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Roblox is adding its own private space for players to host social events

Over half of us kids and teens under the age of 16 play the game. This week, Roblox is adding its own private space for them to host parties and social gatherings.

Roblox’s’party place’ is a specific venue for players to host their own events. Unlike Fortnite’s party Royale mode, a small public island full of activities for the entire community to enjoy.

Party place is currently in beta testing and free to access. It was previously used by the developers to host their own in-game events.

Games allow you to engage in fun social activities with others, like visiting shopping malls, going camping, or riding waterslides. Roblox described the games as’playing together’.

Developers can offer servers for free, and they can pick the party place if they want to host a virtual birthday party on that specific Roblox stage.

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