DuckDuckGo has been unavailable in India since July 1st

Duckduckgo has been restored in India after being unreachable for many users there since July 1st. Some users reported the Indian government appeared to be behind the block, and others said they were getting DNS lookup errors.

Duckduckgo tweeted that the service appeared to be restored in India as of Saturday morning. Duckduckgo tweets that service appears to be in India.

We’re seeing our services being broadly restored in India. We’ve seen our services in India being restored in the country. We’re still having trouble accessing DuckDuckGo search.

India’s ministry of electronics and information technology banned more than 50 China-based apps including TikTok and WeChat.

Duckduckgo was not on the Indian government’s June 29th list of banned apps. It’s not clear whether DuckDuckGo was inadvertently blocked.

Duckduckgo spokesperson:’we have contacted the Indian government but have not yet received a response’.’we are bewildered on why the government would instruct Indian ISPs to block DuckDuckGo, but are optimistic that this will be resolved soon,’.

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