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There were 38,672 positive COVID-19 tests reported in the United States today, a new record high

There were 38,672 positive covid-19 tests in the United States today, a new record high, according to the covid tracking project. The count surged past the previous high of 36,001, reported on April 25.

Early in the pandemic, the US caseload was driven by outbreaks in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The outbreak is now accelerating in the South and the West.

The U.S. set a record for new cases today: 38,672. The previous record was April 25 at 36,001.

The US is testing more people for covid-19 now than it was in April. The percentage of tests in the country that come back positive is ticking back up. In Arizona, over 20 percent of tests are coming back positive.

5,019 people tested positive for covid-19 within a 24 hour period. 35 % of all cases were reported in just the past 2 weeks.

The spikes in some states began a few weeks after those same States lifted stay-at-home orders. They had n’t met some expert-recommended benchmarks.

Texas governor Greg Abbott resisted calls to announce a statewide mask mandate. He said he would not reintroduce restrictions on businesses. Arizona governor Doug Ducey said there would not be a second lockdown order.

The administration announced Wednesday that it’s withdrawing support for 13 testing sites and turning management – and supply acquisition – over to the States. Seven of those sites are in Texas.

Trump said this weekend that the country should slow down testing to avoid adding new cases to the US tally. He also said that the U.S. should stop testing.

covid-19 patients were n’t worth counting, Trump said.’the young man is 10 years old. He’s got the sniffles. He’ll recover in about 15 minutes. That’s a case!’.

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