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Google co-founder Sergey Brin founded Global Support and Development

A high-speed super-yacht, a disaster strike force, and a Google co-founder are among the things. The story has everything: a high-speed super-lacht, a secret disaster strike forces, and strawberry ice cream.

The Daily Beast’s Mark Harris has a wild story about global support and development (GSD), a disaster charity founded by Sergey Brin. The story opens detailing how GSD provided disaster relief in the form of medical care and road-clearing crews after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas last year.

Gsd has been using high-tech systems to deliver humanitarian assistance during high-profile disasters, including the covid-19 pandemic. These range from drones and super-yachts to a gigantic new Airship that the outfit apparently hopes will make it easier to get aid supplies into disaster zones.

Brin’s super-yacht was on board during disaster deployments. Some of the humanitarian workers have been treated to catered lunches, free gyms, and on-site massages.

Brin’s $ 80 million yacht, the dragonfly, was sailing nearby with a doctor and paramedics on board. The crew decided to spring into action after cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu.

Dragonfly’s team made landfall on remote islands north of Vanuatu’s capital port Vila. They treated over 250 patients, treated more than 250 patients and built shelters in multiple villages.

Gsd even says it’s been involved with covid-19 relief efforts, setting up drive-thru testing centers in California and provided supplies to eight us States States.

About half of the people working for GSD have military backgrounds. Some of the former military personnel working for the agency are military backgrounds.

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