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Twitter says it’s exploring how to build a “more dedicated group” to focus on accessibility

Twitter does n’t have a team dedicated to accessibility. Instead, employees volunteer their time above and beyond their usual duties. The company is exploring how to build a’more dedicated group’.

Twitter software engineer Andrew Hayward revealed that the group was n’t unpaid, but were regular Twitter employees who dedicated some of their time to accessibility issues. He later explained that they were n’t unpaid. The group is n’t unpaid.

We are volunteers in so much as the work we do is on top of our regular roles. Twitter is not outsourcing unpaid Labour.

The audio tweets can capture up to 140 seconds of audio per tweet. A Twitter spokesperson told the verge that the feature was an early audio test.

For the record, YouTube, Facebook videos, zoom, and Snapchat discover videos all offer captioning. Other commenters pointed out that other social platforms have captions.

A Twitter spokesperson tells the verge that the company is working on improving its accessibility review. Hayward tweets that he was tweeted by a Twitter spokesman following Hayward’s tweets.

dantley Davis, the company’s head of design and research, said he will advocate for accessibility to be a part of product design.

We have a lot of work ahead to make Twitter more inclusive for people with disabilities. I will advocate for a11y to be part of our design from the beginning of all projects.

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