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A small group of Tesla employees and community organizers are holding a rally on June 19th, or Juneteenth, the holiday that commemorates

A small group of Tesla employees and community organizers are holding a rally on Friday in the parking lot of the company’s Fremont, California car factory. juneteenth marks the end of slavery in the United States.

The rally comes as people around the nation continue to take to the streets to protest police brutality and racism. Uber and Twitter have announced that they’re making juneteenth a paid company holiday.

‘we are tired of the unjust killings of people like George, breonna, ahmaud and every other countless life that was lost in part due to police brutality,’ the group said.’we’re still fighting the war to end racism, mass incarceration, acts of violence by police, and so much more’.

This week, a different Tesla employee was given a termination notice after organizing a protest at the Fremont factory in response to the way the company has handled covid-19. Tesla’s workforce is not unionized.

The organizers of Friday’s rally say they do n’t believe that Tesla’s response to the recent nationwide protests has been adequate. The organizers say they are n’t confident that the response to Tesla’s recent protests is adequate.

Tesla’s North American HR boss sent out a email to Tesla, saying it’s time we act and show support as a community, as we continue fight to end these everyday battles.’we know we work for a big company like Tesla and are aware of the email, but it’s more than just listening,’ they wrote.

Tesla is launching a’listen to understand’ series for employees that will allow them to come together, listen to our colleagues’ stories, share learning resources, and help us all better understand new perspectives’. The series will be available on July 9.

‘our team’s efforts wo n’t end here. We remain committed to championing diversity, equity and inclusion for our people, and in our business and communities,’ said workman.

The Tesla employees originally planned to perform a five-mile March to Fremont city hall. They put out a call to musicians, dancers, singers, and artists to join them.

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