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PC Gaming Show will feature “never-before-seen gameplay footage, and announcements from some of PC gaming’s biggest and most interesting developers

The summer game fest will continue with the PC gaming show and the future games show, starting at 11am PT / 2pm et et et. Today, what’s been dubbed the summer games show and future games shows will continue. The games show will continue at 11pm PT or 2pm et.

The PC gaming show will be two hours long, though unlike previous years, it will be pre-recorded instead of shown live.

The event was originally scheduled for June 6th, but was delayed to June 13th to’make space for those speaking out and demonstrating about how to end the systemic oppression and police brutality experienced by black people’.

Speculation has it the persona series will finally make its way to PC!. Among other announcements, rumor has it it will finally reach PC!.

On June 13th, 11am PT / 2pm et / 7pm et / 11pm ET/7PM ET/7PM et///7pm et///7pm et////7pm et/////7pm et///7pm et///7pm et///////////7pm et///////////////////////////////7pm et////7pm et////////////7pm et//7pm et////////////7pm et//////////////7pm et///////////////////////////////7pm et//7pm et////////////7pm et///////7pm et/.

Pc gamer’s Twitch and YouTube channels, or just click here to start the stream. You can watch on PC gamers’ YouTube channels.

The hour-long future games show will include’exclusive trailers, announcements, and deep dives on existing AAA and indie games’. Publishers participating include Square Enix, devolver digital, and more.

The show was originally planned for June 6th, but was postponed to June 13th. It was in support of the protests demanding justice and change over the death of George Floyd.

Saturday, June 13th, 2pm PT / 5pm et / 10pm et (10pm et) London. It’s the third time this year in London’s history.

Gamesradar’s T-shirt, Twitter, and YouTube channels are available to watch on the company’s new channels.

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