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Light set out to overcome the limitations of small camera sensors by cramming a ton of cameras onto one device

Light, the company behind the Nokia 9’s unique array of five rear cameras, has given up on its unconventional effort to revolutionize the cameras in our pockets. In a statement to Android authority, light said it’s’no longer operating in the smartphone industry’.

The l16 camera delivers better image quality than most mobile devices. But it still lagged well behind mirrorless cameras and DSLRs.

The Nokia 9 was very good at image stacking and a cut above all over mobile cameras. The phone’s Snapdragon processor successfully captured data from its five rear cameras simultaneously.

The Nokia 9 was launched by Google, Apple, and Huawei. But other phone makers had already found their own magic with smart HDR and stitching multiple images into a single shot.

More recently, larger-sized sensors are finding their way into smartphones to help further boost image quality and detail. Companies are finding clever ways of extending reach with Periscope zoom systems.

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