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Simon Anthony is one half of the sudoku YouTube channel Cracking the Cryptic

The result is one of the most incredibly satisfying videos I’ve ever seen. I was intrigued by a Tweet promising that it would be’the highlight of my day’.

The man in question is Simon Anthony, one half of the Sudoku YouTube channel cracking the cryptic. He is one half the channel walking through some of the hardest and most interesting puzzles in the world.

You’re about to spend the next 25 minutes watching a guy solve a Sudoku. It’s going to be the highlight of your day.

Video shows Anthony facing what appears to be a puzzle created by Mitchell Lee – that his co-creator, Mark goodliffe, had sent him to him. In addition to the usual rules of the popular numerical puzzle game, there are a few rules governing where numbers can and ca n’t go.

Over the next 25 minutes, the entire thing builds to a truly cathartic ending. Anthony’s task seems insurmountable, even to him.

A YouTube comment chronicling Anthony’s reaction to the progressing puzzle helps capture the scope of the video. The video shows Anthony’s reactions to the solved puzzle.

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