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Saturday Night Live’s most recent episode was filmed remotely using Zoom

‘live from zoom, it’s Saturday Night Live’ is n’t a phrase people ever assumed NBC’s quintessential late night show would ever open with.

The SNL team worked remotely to put together a 90-minute show for Saturday night. There was a dedicated zoom sketch, constant jokes that ended with zoom punchlines, and an impressive weekend update segment all done using the productivity software software software.

The cast of Saturday Night Live were left to find out a way to remain productive. There are n’t any sophisticated props, costumes, or audio and visual effects to carry gags.

Henriette, Nan do n’t need to be on future zoom calls. Henriette and Nan are n’t on future mega- zoom calls.

Saturday Night Live rarely produces a show with outstanding sketches. Guest host Tom Hanks said in his opening monologue,’there will be some good stuff, maybe one or two stinkers’.

Nbcuniversal is an investor in Vox Media, the verge’s parent company. Nbcuniversal is also an investor. The Verge is also investor in the vehemoth media.

The format was more in line with what people might expect from a YouTube upload or viral video on Twitter. There was n’t any physical comedy to drive home jokes – no spit takes, exaggerated falling, or weird body contortions.

Comedians used green screen backgrounds on zoom for any kind of visual gag. Technology effectively replaced physical props, becoming just as much a creative crutch.

Saturday Night Live has moved toward introducing more digital sketches throughout the years. But these are still based around multiple people appearing together. Pete Davidson rapping about Drake’s new song in his basement is one example.

Heidi Gardner’s popular weekend update character got to record an entire episode of her movie review show on YouTube. Aidy Bryant used different zoom backgrounds to guide viewers on a meditation journey.

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