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Google Fit apps for iOS, Android, and Wear OS are getting a refresh

The app will now show your step count as one of the main metrics in the two circles at the top of the app in place of the move minutes measurement.

Counting steps is a familiar activity goal and a great starting point for many of our users when on the path to getting active.’heart points and step count will be paired together as goals at the center of our app,’ Google representative said.

Move minutes, which you earn through activities that get you moving around, are n’t being removed. Instead, you’ll still be able to see how many of those you’ve earned under the rings at the top of app app.

Google has added a new progress card to the app and updated the heart points tile on the wear OS app. The other ring for heart points is still at the top of the app.

Google has added a new tile to the wear OS app that lets you start a workout more easily easily. Google also added a tile that lets people start workouts more easily.

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