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Ring’s Crack Video Doorbell 3 has a few small upgrades

A sneak peek of the product page for the upcoming ring video doorbell 3 shows some upgrades over the video doorbell 2. A’pre-roll’ feature for the doorbell’s plus model captures four seconds of black-and-white video before a motion alert goes off.

The product page described it as a’first first-to-market feature for battery-powered doorbells and unique exclusively to ring’.

The new model’s faceplate will be easier to remove. It will have a’near’ motion sensor to reduce false motion alerts.

The product page did n’t mention support for ring’s sidewalk networking standard or Apple HomeKit support. That’s not to say they wo n’t be included, just that neither was mentioned.

Zatz calls the ring video doorbell 3 a’decent, minor upgrade from ring 2′. They’re likely to be priced between $ 199 and $ 229.

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