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From The Strategist: The 9 Best Workout Headphones

Many athletes use headphones for an extra push of motivation in the gym. Just as many need theirs to block out environmental sounds. We spoke with nearly two dozen professional athletes and trainers.

Apple airpods are small and wireless and do n’t get in the way of an athlete’s movements. Professional free runner Michael’frosti”zernow set the fastest qualifying time in American Ninja warrior history.

airpods can double-tap their headphones to get it to a song they want. airpods assistant men’s basketball coach at College of Central Florida likes the option.

The National lacrosse league’s New York Riptide players wear airpods while working out because the headphones do n’t fall out. airpods are also popular with Steph Curry and almost every teen we’ve talked to over the last two years.

New York Riptide player John ranagan prefers Bose soundsport wireless headphones because they stay in his ears better than any other headphones. Russell Byrd, a former Michigan State University basketball player, is also a fan.’they block out a lot of the noise of the pre-game crowd so I can focus on getting up shots and enjoy the music,’ Byrd says.

jianca Lazarus, a surfer and sports photojournalist, also loves the Bose soundsport wireless headphones. She also uses them to make work calls.

Anker soundbuds slim Bluetooth headphones. The sound quality is n’t that different from higher-end headphones.

Powerbeats 3 wireless in-ear headphones block out external noise and stay on when doing exercises that would cause other headphones to fall off. Major League soccer player Jason Hernandez also recommends headphones.

Jaybird freedom 2 in-ear wireless Bluetooth sport headphones with speedfit. In-Ear wireless wireless Bluetooth sports headphones with speedsfit.

The Jaybird freedom wireless headphones are cheap and help them stay in while she’s dancing or moving. Michael wardian, a marathon runner, holds the world record for the fastest time for seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Professional country western dancer Glenn McCallum uses Diso buds Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones. Each person wears one earbud’the range is long enough that we can hear the music while dancing together without having to be close’.

aftershokz trekz uses technology that transmits sound through the bones in your ear.’I can hear my music really well, and I can also hear all the noise around me,’ says Katie Mackey, a professional runner with the Brooks beast track club.

Jamie Hickey, a personal trainer at truism fitness, is one of the few who prefer over-ear headphones. He appreciates their noise-canceling capability as well as the’comfortable yet tight fit’ which keeps them from moving during workouts.

mpow has compiled a list of high-tech Bluetooth headphones over ear, Hi-Fi stereo wireless headset and Hi-Fi stereo.

Martha bull likes that these mpow headphones are affordable, in case she drops a weight on them. Plus, they’re visible enough to discourage unwelcome comments.

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