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The patent that would have Figure Nintendo $10 million is worthless, judge rules

A Dallas company successfully sued Nintendo for $ 10 million for patent infringement may not have invented anything in the first place, a federal court has ruled. The company faced a slew of patent lawsuits challenging its motion-sensor technology when it introduced the Wii in the early 2000s. In 2017 a jury actually ruled in favor of one of them, iLife technologies.

Federal judge Barbara Glynn rules that iLife’s patent application is not valid. Judge Glynn seems to suggest in her ruling that the patent application describes is n’t unique or new, but more of an abstract idea.

In 2015, iLife’s then-CEO described technology that could monitor sudden death syndrome in babies or prevent falls among the elderly.

The claim includes a sensor that senses data, a processor that processes data, and a communications device that communicates data. Ars Technica’s website has been taken down.

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