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YouTuber Change the GameCube Switch Joy-Cons of our dreams into reality

Youtuber shank spent months turning the idea into reality. He combined joy-con internals with original GameCube hardware to create the ultimate switch accessory.

The shank mod YouTube channel gives a detailed and well-explained breakdown of the process. For the best look at the entire modification process, you should check out the full video.

The original GameCube Wavebird controller shells were split down the middle. Rail attachments were added on using customized 3D printed components.

Shank commissioned GameCube controller expert bassline to cut out a left-side Z button so that the GameCube joy-cons could be used to play regular switch games. Also got help from YouTuber madmorda for both custom resin joy-con buttons and a classic GameCube purple paint job.

The joy-con circuit board matches the GameCube button to the GameCube buttons and sticks. After that, all the wiring for the GameCube device was especially challenging.

Wireless, detachable GameCube controller can be affixed right onto a switch. All the switch functionality, including HD rumble, Amiibo support, and gyroscopic aiming all still work.

Shank warns the mod is likely too complicated for all but the most seasoned modders to attempt. But it’s hard to watch his video and not hope Nintendo would make an official version for the ultimate portable Smash Bros. device.

Shank will take up the ultimate challenge and make the Internet’s N64 switch controller dreams a reality, too. Shank will also take up a challenge to make his Internet switch controller dream a reality.

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