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Huawei says it’s Trading 100,000 foldable phones a month

Huawei says its foldable mate X phone is selling at a clip of 100,000 per month since it launched in China in November. The mate X, which is only for sale in China, sells for 16,9999 yuan, or about $ 2,400.

That’s just shy of the sales estimates for rival Samsung’s Galaxy fold. Young Sohn incorrectly claimed the Galaxy fold had sold 1 million units. But later updated that figure at CES 2020 to’400,000 to 500,000′.

Huawei and Samsung are the front-runners in the race to bring a foldable phone to market first in 2019. Samsung beat most top competitors when the Galaxy fold released, then rereleased after a bumpy launch.

Huawei’s mate X was originally scheduled to launch in July of that year. The company pushed the launch to November to refine and improve its foldable screen. Samsung delayed the launch of its Galaxy fold following production problems.

The mate X is expected to be unveiled at MWC 2020 next month. Half of the screen flips around back, so that when it is folded closed, it has a screen on both sides.

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