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Movies are already Go from Disney+

disney+ just launched in November, but some movies are disappearing from the service. The first home alone and home alone 2: lost in New York were removed from disney+ yesterday, the first day of the new year.

Some Disney movies have already been removed from the service, less than two months after launch. That does n’t exactly appear to be true, given that some movies have been removed.

My colleague Julia Alexander confirmed that these removals are due to issues with legacy licensing deals. My colleague confirmed that the removals were due to issue with legacy deals.

A small handful of Disney movies are running into issues with legacy deals. They’re being removed once licenses expire with their respective parties.

Netflix and Hulu will announce what content is coming and going from their services on a monthly basis. Disney did n’t say that they would be leaving the service before pulling them.

There’s a chance that huge Disney movies like Star Wars: the last Jedi and Coco will return to Netflix starting around 2026. There’s always a chance the company could make a new deal with Netflix.

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