FDA expected to ban most Aroma e-cigarette pods

All flavored e-cigarette pods except Menthol and tobacco are expected to be banned by the food and Drug Administration.

The Trump administration initially floated back the nearly complete flavored vape ban in September. Menthol flavoring would be allowed, in addition to tobacco; and the flavor ban would only be applied to pods.

The administration is focusing on pods – like Juul – which are believed to be driving teen usage. The ban is meant to curb the rise in teen vaping.

Trump said the vaping ban would be announced’very shortly’. During remarks last night, Trump said that vaping ban will be announced.

‘hopefully if everything’s safe they’re gon na be going very quickly back onto the market,’ said Trump.

Initial reports about the FDA’s ban do n’t mention safety checks or a potential to return to the market. Trump seems to be conflating multiple issues going on with vaping.

‘at the same time, it’s a big industry, we want to protect the industry,’ Trump said. Trump said:’we have to protect our families’.

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