When your next door neighbor is a Bright spaceport

About 40 miles outside of truth or consequences, New Mexico, I was looking for a spaceport in the middle of a desert. For the last half hour, we had scoured the landscape of dirt and cacti on either side of the road for any sign of our destination.

As we approached, a domes hangar emerged from the desert floor. Shaped like a cross between a glittery sting Ray and a turtle.

Spaceport America is the result of a $ 220 million investment from the state of New Mexico and its residents. If all goes to plan, actual spaceships will fly from the site as early as next year.

The spaceport’s primary tenant is Virgin Galactic, a space tourism venture created by billionaire Richard Branson. A seat on the company’s spaceplane goes for $ 250,000 a pop. Around 600 people have put down deposits in the hopes of flying to the edge of space.

The town of truth or consequences, New Mexico, could lead them to a tiny oasis with just two stoplights next door. The town is located next door, with only two stopslights next door.

To visit spaceport America, we had to travel through truth or consequences. The spaceport looks like it’s been ripped straight from a 1950s Western. Nearby hot springs offer a respite to visitors after a long day in the sun.

The residents of truth or consequences approved an extra tax to help fund the spaceport over the last decade. They were told that the spaceport would provide an influx of jobs and tourists who were looking to explore the nearby towns whenever they came to fly to space.

It’s taken longer for Virgin Galactic to get to space than the company originally intended. In 2014, a fatal in-flight accident caused more delays to the program. Now the company has started to move into Spaceport America.

Spaceport America, Virgin Galactic and New Mexico are trying to capture some of the energy that central Florida gets. Tourists flood the nearby hotels to get a glimpse of the rocket climbing into the sky. Other companies have recently faced strained relationships with local communities.

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