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The infinite text adventure AI Dungeon 2 is now easy to Comedy online

Ai dungeon 2 is an adventure game run by a text generation program. Its earlier versions were either clumsy to set up or limited to mobile apps. It recently relaunched on the web in a faster and more stable version.

Ai dungeon 2 was built on OpenAI’s text production system. When you pick a genre, it generates a setting that you can interact with. If you enter sweeping commands like’rule the world’ and then’retire peacefully,’ the AI will play along.

An easily distracted toddler has an encyclopedic knowledge of cultural references and prose cliches. You can even generate custom settings by typing a few sentences and letting the AI fill in the rest. It’s not as polished or rich as the pre-trained options, but it can work surprisingly well with lore-heavy franchises like Star Wars.

Ai dungeon, but you’re Kylo Ren pic.twitter.com/csgzudlh0i.

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