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Netflix blew the release for ‘Fire a Coin to Your Witcher,’ the hit song of the season

The hit song of the season,’toss a coin to your Witcher,’ sung by the bard jaskier (Joey batey) at the end of the show’s second episode to immortalize the epic deeds of geralt of rivia (Henry cavill).

Netflix has n’t released the Witcher’s soundtrack for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, or any other major streaming service.

The only semi-official release of the song comes from a post from Netflix. The post itself has nearly half a million views, but it’s nothing compared to the tens of millions of plays it has across YouTube.

In an interview with men’s health, batey commented that the song has stuck with him for months, compared to the scant week the rest of the world has had with it.

There’s no way that the folks over at Netflix could n’t be aware that’toss a coin to your Witcher’ was n’t going to blow up.

An official soundtrack release for the Witcher is reportedly ready to go. According to an Instagram post, Netflix does n’t release the soundtrack.

Shows like watchman have had official soundtrack releases for its popular songs. Netflix has seen the power of having potentially popular songs ready to go.

Netflix has recently used a full the Witcher soundtrack for the original film let it snow and its breakout track’when first Christmas (that I loved you)’.

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