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Google unveils a new textured, customisable skin version of its mobile Google Assistant in South Africa.

Customisable skin is a way for you to customise the Google Assistant experience on your phone by customising your surroundings and blurring out irrelevant details.

Google developed the textured skin for language and called it “digital assistant dressing”. It is actually a skin made of 16 interwoven curves in six colours that pop out of the physical device.

Use the skin to customise the home screen, the settings screen, and the search screen. You will also get useful contextual snippets about yourself like your activity data and fitness data.

You can pick between five clothing colours: black, blue, white, grey and red. The colours were chosen to match the look of your phone.


The Google Assistant is somewhat like a human personal assistant. You want Google to always make sense of your day, but what if you want a little more user-generated information on your device?

Customisable skin is part of Google’s ongoing effort to build more contextual, contextual and intelligent assistants that make sense of your day, but still allow you to do everything as you normally would.

You can see other textured skins for G Suite here: here.

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