Sony fans have another thing to look forward to as a new firmware update to the PlayStation 5 system will replace and potentially repair some of the hardware during pre-release testing. PS4 owners can actually move past the inconvenience of their devices being bricked by the latest firmware update as Sony has offered a solution.

During the latest update to the PlayStation 4 system the majority of users will have their console bricked by the company because the system could not connect to a PC which then bricked their home console. During the latest PS4 firmware update (4.50) Sony has decided to offer gamers a replacement Home console which can replace the crippled console but those that purchased one before December 7th will have to wait for it to be made available.

While gamers may be somewhat grateful of the repairs Sony has prepared for them, they may have gotten burnt in the past with major firmware updates like the “Blue Light of Death”, so this latest in turn might come as a welcome change.

Finally get back into the groove & get going at it @FireJoy

🕺🎉 — Russ Frushtick (@frushtick) December 2, 2018

Are you lucky enough to have a Home console to go along with your PS4 to fix the bricked hardware? Or do you not hold out hope for Sony to replace your Home console to your PS4?

Source: Polygon

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