Google launched its new Soli artificial intelligence chip on Friday. This AI chip, much like Apple’s A11 Bionic, is manufactured by TSMC. Apple uses TSMC’s cutting-edge 7-nanometer manufacturing process, which will make its A12 processors even faster.

The Soli chip, however, is built by Google and builds on its own manufacturing process (the exact details of that are being kept secret). Google uses TSMC’s 7nm FinFET manufacturing process with its own low-power tunable process. (In short, the process enables the chip to accept voltage changes which, if applied consistently, drive down the power consumption needed for computation, making it much more power efficient than traditional silicon chips).

A Teardown of Google’s Soli AI Chip

Toms Hardware, an Australian semiconductor-focused news site, published its own teardown of the Soli. The results are very revealing, showing a processor that is just 7 inches across and measuring 3.85 inches in height. The chip is eight features, 100 mm in length, and 30 mm in width. It’s also made out of powder-coated copper, which is reportedly a better conductor than silicon.

Toms notes that it’s also rumored that Google is developing a cell phone that will utilize this AI chip. In the report, it claims that Google is so confident that Soli is going to be successful that it’s already testing it with Apple’s A12 Bionic processor (the lowest end models of the iPhones use the Intel Core X-series).

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