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Apple is turning the unexpected into the traditional for a new music puzzle game that includes lyrics, contact info and original song titles.

The cleverly titled “What’s the Story” comes with the following description: “What’s the Story? is a modern-day musical based on the stories of aspiring musicians looking to break into the industry.”

“The game explores the complex relationship between aspiring artists and their role models, such as their peers, labels, and individuals whose music they love,” Apple says.

Anyone who wants to play the game for free needs an Apple Watch to see the hidden lyrics. The free game then rewards players for “using their knowledge and intuition to solve music puzzles. Players who excel will unlock bonus content, including music and lyrics, and a series of memorable songs.”

The songs included in the free edition are as follows:

“Laura & The Gutter Boys” — Apple Watch lyrics

“I Never Say Goodbye” — lyrics

“First Kiss” — lyrics

“Missed Opportunity” — lyrics

“You’re Never Going to Break My Heart” — lyrics

“My Girlfriend” — lyrics

“Little Suede Shoes” — lyrics

“Leaving Work” — lyrics

The game’s soundtrack includes the following songs:

“What’s the Story?” also gives users the ability to let users know which songs they loved and hate, the theme song, where the two songs are from and even the name of the current artist.

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