If you think Fortnite is a video game that’s too short and too explosive for you, now Fortnite is turning the drama of trying to become a guitarist into a puzzle game. And boy does it look good.

You can learn what guitar chords to play when you download the Fortnite guitar game from the Epic Games store.

The creator recommends you stick to one or two chords and that you play out a song or string together a couple of songs for fun. But it sounds complicated.

The gameplay sounds very fun with a familiar Fortnite map offering a large area for your character to try and rock out in. There’s an all kinds of other odd sounds and random songs to learn.

You’ll need a skill in guitar to play this game. So if you’ve ever thought about if you have the dexterity to play a Guitar Hero on your iPhone or gaming console, then this game is right up your alley.

You can download the game from the Epic Games store on iPhone, iPad, Android, Nintendo Switch and Windows 10

Fortnite is so big that it recently celebrated 100 million players, but the game is under fire because of their rampant use of metas, which are broken pieces of code on the game that either stream or focus on the cogs that connect the production of the game. You can pay a premium to remove these metas from the game.

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