The latest Fortnite skin used to celebrate the official launch of season 7 was the latest version of the Battle Bus skins called the Soli System. It was a Gamecube-coloured pink, square-shaped device which got much more attention when you saw it first and then when people started pointing out the little details in its intricacies.

Everything from the iridescent garish colour to the U-shaped camera to the outer border code shown on the OPPO device were clearly visible.

However, the outfit was very interesting and received a lot of coverage. And with all the hype, it should only be a matter of time before it gets cracked open to see just how small it really is.

Thankfully, Tech on Ice have taken the challenge for you. The teardown, which is worth the 10-minute watch just to see every little detail come into display, covers just over 200 square millimetres – only about a fifth of what the Soli System was built out of.

Also hidden inside the Soli System were all the complex wiring that makes it tick, a flash cutout where the device’s LCD screen would go, a micro interface unit (MIO) and much more.

Here’s how they went about it:

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