Handset makers Nokia and Zeon say they’re working on a fix

HTC’s monthly patches are ruining your life

Over the past few weeks, the bad news hasn’t been so good for HTC owners who have been bricked by the latest out-of-band software updates.

As well as the post-update Windows 10 notification (not signed) issue, some of those who purchased the HTC U11, U11 Life and the newer U12 Plus also found that their handset couldn’t connect to the network because the battery was low.

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The good news is, their misery may be about to end.

HTC and Zeon, a Finnish manufacturer, both issued recall notices earlier this week, saying they were developing a fix for the latest bug-related troubles. However, there was no confirmed time or date for a fix to arrive.

Both the handset makers offered to replace units impacted, but insisted that they did not yet have the replacement available. At least HTC is clear on when its U12 Plus will be recalled.

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U11 and U11 Life owners hoping for a replacement should hold on. Updates are likely to be much later than those intended for pre-sales, with new handsets coming after Christmas.

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