(CNN) – When you think of online gaming, you probably don’t think of video games that work within a community. Instead, you probably remember the interactive cinematic experiences like Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. or the first Call of Duty, a yearning to give a game such as Overwatch to a team of friends.

But you don’t often think of ‘Interactive’ than “of a group of people playing together.”

A post on Medium from video game producer and university lecturer Emily Elton explores the intersection of interactive entertainment and collective decision-making.

The Medium post is subtitled “Gorilla Bus,” and the metaphors play out as a construction crew’s gorilla bus: packed with a group of digital characters, who all self-organize around a hub containing some merchandise for sale. It’s not the only time games use apes as metaphor, but more than a hint at Elton’s thoughts on collective decision-making.

“People don’t associate the term ‘community’ with games any more,” Elton writes in the Medium post. “Instead, it evokes associations with dark places, dangerous enemies, or – above all – money.”

Her post continues: “So how does this change the way we understand interactive entertainment, and how does this change our relationship to games and the people who make them?”

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