Storing useful information on your smartphone is important, as you need all your information to understand and use the service.

But many use their phones in strange places, or their phones are lost somewhere or are accidentally taken, like at a party.

Sometimes it is difficult to get hold of that phone, and sometimes even more difficult to get a tracking device.

Tile is an app and a tracker for iPhone and Android, with high quality covers for both the Apple and Android device.

The app can display an icon on the lock screen, or through a feature called Actions, the app can give you links to personalised location tracking information.

The app can offer a GPS location, which is good for emergencies, and the free Tile app with a Cloud Charging feature offers a remote and helpful feature, where you can quickly find your phone with a battery charging.

The device can also find itself lost, and it has been introduced to the WhatsApp Messenger app, so if someone speaks to you, the app will send the location to the phone nearest to you.

If you’re an owner of the waterproof Tile range and you’re lost, the app also shows a message you can send to anyone nearby.

For more information on the app, you can check it on the Google Play Store here, or you can head to the website here.

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