Hipster glee was in full effect this weekend after the announcement of audio maker Sony’s Kickstarter-funded app The Song, which turns the high-pressure struggle of uploading your art into a fun app for your smartphone.

First, a few introductions: The Song is Sony’s first mobile game, based on composer Harry Shearer’s gritty description. It’s a roving RPG for iOS and Android, featuring twelve voiced characters—including Shearer—so you can sort by persona instead of animals. It’s more procedural than complex, just like life is, but that doesn’t make it any less engaging. In fact, the real challenge of The Song is finding as many authentic details as possible, finding bits of research that actors or musicians would never try to add onto their work.

The act of making a song is fraught with difficulty. It’s a notoriously difficult process, especially if you’re not in the know and just happen to have a talented an extraordinary sense of rhythm—or if you happen to have a terrible way with words. Even the music industry is a brutal grind.

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