This week, Microsoft announced that it is rolling out new ad-skipping features for its ad-supported Windows 10 operating system. However, rather than promoting new ad products on its main Windows 10 website, Microsoft has decided to run pre-roll ads on several of its most popular desktop and laptop apps, including Word, Excel, and Outlook. The ads are placed at the bottom of pages, while mobile apps will be “heavily limited” to keep them from running intrusive ads.

The ads are effective, but annoying. While I use the internet to search, conduct research, and create content for the Interwebs at large, I have a small media business that relies on paying customers to purchase ads as their primary revenue source. These ads, on the other hand, are constantly interrupting what I consider the exact purpose of my browser — namely, to surf the web.

The annoying aspect here for me is that they have limited the advertiser options on these apps. While we can easily delete the ads from our browser, the exact same ads aren’t available on either the news or entertainment apps on the main Windows 10 website. That means that if I want to read an article on Microsoft’s newsroom or read ads for Xbox One games in Xbox magazine, I have to navigate over to another app. For more insight into the move, read the full story from The Verge.

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