The next time you’re in a crowded cab in Tokyo, don’t worry: Microsoft’s artificial intelligence may be taking your place in the back seat.

Microsoft announced Wednesday it is testing its Cortana Intelligent Assistant aboard a “future model” of taxis in Japan with the 2020 Summer Olympics expected to take place in Tokyo.

The ride-hailing service said it would be the first to test Microsoft’s AI pilot program for human companionship in a traditional taxi. The AI would use live, in-car navigation and real-time translation to give taxi passengers “their own AI driver.”

“The Microsoft intelligent assistant relies on AI technology developed by Microsoft to read the in-car digital maps and communicate with other AI drivers,” Microsoft said in a press release. “It will advise users on the best route and offers them assistance based on their current location and preferences, like music, news, restaurant and shopping information.” noted in its announcement that it is now “actively considering how to incorporate the AI assistants once it is fully functional.”

Microsoft is also testing its AI with other companies on the front lines of e-commerce, delivery, and payments.

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