The latest Nest-made firmware version for Google Home devices is a fire-starter

Google has a plan to bring some calm back to the mess that is Home Max.

Virtually all Nest-made Google Home smart speakers, along with Nest Alarm systems, were bricked when they were updated to the latest Nest Global Services Firmware (GNSSF).

This new firmware update, released earlier this month, was intended to update not only Home, but also Nest Alarm systems and newer Google Home Mini devices, according to Tech Crunch.

However, it appears this update may have injured an important aspect of Nest’s business, too. Nest Home devices no longer recognize the Nest Aware subscription service.

Subscribers can check their own accounts, however, and it appears an update sent to them may temporarily fix the problem, however, it may not be permanent.

Nest had previously reported on affected devices on November 6.

The bug appeared to be a result of a buggy distribution point that sent updates to devices while those devices were still connected to Wi-Fi, Wired reports.

It’s unclear if the update in question was legitimate.

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