Microsoft has announced an update for its Xbox video game console that will bring changes to the console’s exterior, as well as ones that interact with the Xbox controller.

The new Xbox will have a slightly different look, inspired by the console in its early days. It’s the first time that the video game console has had its outer surface redesigned in years. The original Xbox was first introduced in 2001. Since then, the new Xbox One design will be compatible with any controller that worked with the Xbox One’s earlier models.

The new Xbox will also support Qi wireless charging. It will become the first console with a Qi charging surface. Since October, the Xbox One controller is already compatible with Qi wireless charging.

The console is also getting a new console performance mode. One used for 1080p 60fps gaming. It removes unnecessary graphics features in favor of power saving.


Many expected that the new Xbox release was imminent, now it has actually gone official. Gamers will need to update the console between 10:40 p.m. Pacific on December 6 and 12:49 a.m. on December 8.

Microsoft also confirmed today that the Xbox One X outsold all PlayStation 4 consoles combined in the latest three months of 2018.

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